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25 Apr

The word zip has many uses in the English language, as well as the slang we use in the USA. It is also the basis of longer words in which we use to portray happiness, such as zippity doo dah, zippity day! Make no mistake about it zip is alive! We often find ourselves saying zip it up in the event that someone needs to shut their mouth, perhaps. Or, we think they need to, anyway. As well as shutting up, we can zip it up, as is the case of our coats. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say zip it down except to unzip in the case of a coat, again. There may be those who may state, “in a zip”, but I haven’t heard that often, if ever. It comes to my attention that in a zip could be used if one is to infer the business of hurrying up. The most recent of all zips is in the process of zip linin’ in which you ride a safety belt on a wire of some type. That is very entertaining if you like to ride in the air and for a short moment, for all the work that is involved. Then we have the usual zip code which most people possess by virtue of the location of where they are living. This gives us a sense of direction. So, the word zip has many applications of which have various meanings. Zippers could be considered if we turned into a noun. And, of course zipped to imply the doing of the zippers. So, zip this, zip that. Zip is the word of this chat!

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