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Power of Thought

6 Apr

So, it has come to my attention, via life, that if I think well, I do well. Positive things come easier to me when I am in the right vibration. That means that I care about what thoughts and beliefs I am having. It stands to reason that if you think about something long enough, you will eventually believe it. That is why I care about what I think. It isn’t necessary for me to look very far to find the proof of that thought process. All that is necessary is for me to look immediately around me.

For example, for some weird reason I get on some tangent about someone else’s problems and how they should be acting or not. I have those very private conversations in the recesses of my mind to which not a single soul, except mine, is aware of. So, on and on it goes. I leave the house to go do an errand or possibly visit someone and lo and behold I get stuck in a mad traffic jam. HA! I told you things sucked. I have to laugh at this because I created that very negative circumstance all on my own.  And, I did it all without a single thought as to the fact that it was the very negativity I was propagating.

On the flipside of that coin is me feeling really great, deliberately enjoying the day, and boom! the day goes beautifully. I even come across very nice strangers. As it were, I get a nice card in the mail and my son brings me a nice present. I also created this for myself. However, the difference is that I paid attention to my mind and what it was trying to think about. If it started going down memory lane of some kind, I changed the tracks upon which it was wanting to ride. I chose to think different so I could be different and so my day would run smoother.

It has become a practice for me to be cognizant of the thoughts running through my mind. I am more intentional because I want more for myself. I like the nicer and kinder things in life. They feel so much better than the alternative. I have an expectation of good times and things in my life and I receive them. I could also expect the opposite and would surely receive that, too. It’s just a matter of choosing. I am not saying those habits of thinking are easy to break, but I am saying it is possible. I have done a great deal of work on my own thoughts. And, whew! what a relief!!!

I spent many years wondering why so many crappy things happened ‘to me’. And, believe me, there were some crappy things. I finally came to a place in life that I thought what the hell, and I began making changes. I read good information, I wrote a lot, searched a magnanimous amount, and in time,…I began to see that things were changing. Of course, I would revert to old behavior and thinking, then finally jump off that merry-go-round. I have done that more than imaginable really.

We humans can be a bit stubborn, so if you have just started your journey or have been on a purposeful one, be sure to be kind to yourself. Be ok with the times that feel less than what is expected. We will have those times that we need to learn something or know new things. Be as graceful through those times because it will definitely pay off in due time. The very most important, love yourself through the seemingly lesser moments and trust that all is well. Think of something pleasant and expand on that to move away from the problems in you mind. It may take a while but is well worth the effort!

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