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26 Apr

Gray can be a rather meaningful word. For some people, seeing the gray, and not just the black and white, find it rather challenging. But, I think the gray is a not-so-bad place to be. The gray can be the most difficult to master because it will mean one would have to overcome their idiosyncrasies. The all or nothing attitude would have to become obsolete in order to live in the gray.

For many, if you don’t do it my way, it’s the highway. That would be an example of the black and white. On the other hand if there are some type of agreements or compromises, you could say that person has the ability to see the gray. It’s the place where one might find that being right isn’t always the best way. Being okay to choose happiness versus being right is one of the main keys to a more serene way of life.

It might be said that not all people want to be happy and that being right is more important. My heart goes out to those people as I know first-hand that it feels much better to choose the opposite. Being not so right for the sake of happiness is always the answer for me. It is also rather amusing to me that I started off talking about the gray to come out at the other end expounding about happiness. That lovely gray!

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