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14 Apr

This is definitely a lesson in freeing the mind to put on paper what we otherwise might not do. To make the conscious decision to also do this on an open forum is quite interesting. I wouldn’t even mind to hear other peoples’ thoughts about what I write or what the reader chooses to write.

Well, truth be known I try to stay pretty active especially while the television is playing. It is my son in there sitting on the couch watching the telly after a long day’s work. I can actually appreciate the time spent doing nothing. I, personally, just don’t enjoy tv unless it’s a movie or something funny. I take great care in what I allow into my mind. I am rather picky about it, too.

Now, onto a new thought, I suppose. I went to the doctor today. I swear that is not my usual behavior. I decided to go have this osteoarthritis looked at. I also got some meds, but that is for the fibromyalgia they say I have. I try not to believe any of that since when I think about it, it seems to be worse. I am going to try the meds again to see if they might do something. I only remember last time, about 10 years ago when I took meds, that I didn’t like them. They made my head feel funny. However, I am in a much different spot.

It seems that I am a little more than half way through the assignment. Anyway, even though it was probably  a good thing that I went to the doc, I went through a big head-trip over the whole ordeal. It has been a rough couple of weeks of fatigue and pain, but I have a way of just moving through it in spite of myself. Since it is unimportant that I had a head-trip, what is important is that I figured out what I do need to do. I am going to try, one more time, to take the meds and take the advice to start being physically active on purpose.

What I mean is that I am very active, anyway. I stay busy. Before I started this writing, I did 5 minutes on the elliptical. Doesn’t seem like a lot until you do it after not having worked out in a pretty long while. So, in spite of my stubborn nature, I am doing what I was told I needed to do. I have to see if it works. I have to build up to 30 minutes in 3 months. I just wonder if I can do that sooner than prescribed.

The dogs next door are barking because they want my dogs to come out and hang out. They don’t really play because there is a chain-linked fence separating them. Nonetheless, the four of them, two are mine and two are the neighbors, love hanging outside together. When they are not out and I let mine out, Ruby will bark for them to come out and hang with her and Riley, her brother. It is rather precious.

Well, I am hoping that all of this didn’t bore anyone too much. I am down to the last three minutes of free flow writing. It was a little bit fun, if I say so myself. I am probably going to go to bed in a matter of a half an hour. I am also not so sure I can make the entire 20 minute. I am working on it, though. Actually, it isn’t so much work.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day. I also believe I will have the best night of sleep! I am preparing my sleep time as well as my day time. I predict it to be a great day, full of wonder, learning, health, and well-being. It is going to be a productive day. I love productive days. I also love lazy days. Ahhh! I am down to seconds. Probably 145 seconds. I am guessing. Anyway, my sleep is going to be so restful on the wonderful bed I own.

I started eating healthier today. I had a spinach salad for dinner with nuts, celery, carrots, green pepper, and cucumber. It was delish! I got the spinach out of my garden. Super yummy! Everyone, I send you love and peace. Signing OUT! Practice over.

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