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19 May

In the imagination lies the next reality we want to live. Contemplating on what we think we want to be doing, where we want to be, and how we would like to be living is the first step to a new reality. Unfortunately, for most people, the reality is what the now is presenting. That is the farce of all farces. That what we see is what we get. Have you heard that “it is what it is”? Well, that is also a farce. It is what you’ve been thinking that produces the isness of what it is.

We create our own reality through the thoughts that we entertain. They can be any kind of thoughts. You can look at another human’s life and deduce simply enough what they are or have been thinking. As well, self-reflection will tell you what it is you have been swirling around in that noggin’ of yours. Our outer reality, if you will, is always a direct reflection of what is going on in our minds. When we are happy, we get more happy things in our lives. Conversely, when we are sad, more of the same. When we are angry, again, more of the same.

If you have the eyes to see into your thoughts, you will be able to figure out if you are living the way you think you aught to be living. The only way out of the farce is to change the thinking processes so as to produce more of the results you desire. Catch yourself thinking and you might be surprised just what is really going on up there. Focus on anything, it expands. Such would be the case when I focus on negative things. I get the joy of seeing and living more negative things. (sarcasm)

You see, I can freely write about this because I have been the direct result of my thoughts for over fifty years. Fifty-two, to be exact. I have been working for a long time to change the way I think so I can see things differently. I desired more happiness, joy, freedom from anger and sadness. The more I focused on the beauty that life offers me, the more of all the positive things come my way. The farce, for me, has moved to the past. I now enjoy, for the most part, the better parts of life because I have changed my focus. I stopped believing in the farce that “it is what it is”. I am very grateful for facing my thoughts and having the guts to change them.

The farce is no more!



18 May

For some the precipice is the last stand they will ever imagine because they jump over the edge of the invisible line between life and death. Therein lies a flick of time that no one can know of until that fateful day arises. There is no explanation for the rhyme or reason to such a conclusion. However, to the one who stepped over the line, pure bliss, I would imagine.

We, as a people, have a deeply negative view of the person who finds themselves on that precipice and flips the lights out on this life. But, do we really know it to be such a negative event? Yes, for the people who are left to deal with the emotions of death, it surely is a powerfully moving event. In fact, it is devastating.

I have found my own way of dealing with that particular fact of life for some. My choice is to see it as another way of dying, instead of being so tragic. One may die from disease, a car wreck, old age, but the person who steps over on purpose, is considered a complete tragedy. I have thought of taking my own life a couple of times, but was convinced that I would just come back to do it all over again to learn what I didn’t the first time around. Obviously, I found that to be rather unattractive.

I believe we are to learn that death isn’t really what it appears to be. I believe it is meant to teach us that there is something far more grand than what we make it to be. I feel it is a true bliss of letting go of the human condition where we live with the anxieties of the world, hardships, negativity, and loss of the little self, to name a few. There is pure joy and happiness for us upon the reemergence into Pure Positive Energy. We are beyond the precipice,… and can sense its magnificence!


9 May

Everything in life is temporary, even life itself. In a blink of an eye, life has passed us by, leaving us to wonder where in the world it went. I have come to a place in my life that I had to examine my life because I am now 52 years old and want to live the rest of it to the fullest. It seemed only yesterday that I was raising three kids and being a working mom.

Now, I am a single non-working mother of three grown people. They have their own ideas and dreams about life and that is , unbeknownst to them, temporary. My son is turning 30 in just one week. I overheard him saying to my sister how it seemed like the last year just flew by. I believe he is experiencing what is better known as the temporary.

One day we are playing and going to school and the next trying to figure out what we really want out of life. I made the decision to stop working and find my way into joy and happiness without the added stress of my job. I had a very good job as far as pay went, but I had to ask myself if it was fulfilling. Honestly, you could probably guess, I felt it wasn’t fulfilling enough to stay.

The temporary nature of that lasted 25 years. That doesn’t seem so temporary to some, but when I look back at my life overall, I see it full blown. Twenty-five years with respect to the whole, makes me realize just how temporary it all it. So, my advice for all people, know that it is temporary. Choose wisely. Really get down to the nuts and bolts of what it is you really desire. No matter the desire, you can attain exactly what you want.

In closing on this very real, temporary way of thinking, I would like to add that because all things are temporary, make it ok to change your mind. Accept that we are ever-growing, changing, evolving human beings. Be happy and allow your Self to expand and to really start the life you have always wanted. Lastly, know that no matter what you choose to do, you will grow, and all things are temporary!



7 May

It is my personal opinion that the word better has a negative connotation. I believe it indicates that what one has done or is doing just doesn’t make the grade, so the thought of doing or being BETTER is attached to given activity. For instance, I could be a better writer, a better mother, a better worker, or many other various betters. I am more inclined to want to say that I am working on something, or even that I have decided I am great at what I am doing or being. We all know when we could improve on something. That is also another way of turning the word better into something more productive.

I have heard it stated that a person is “better than that”.  Or, another common statement would be that “I am better than that”.  Well, once again, that implies that the person isn’t doing very well being and doing whatever it is at the moment. I believe it could be agreed on that we could all improve in this or that, and that there are more productive ways for saying just that.

The common thread with any statement of being better, doing better, or mine being BETTER than yours, is that it has a negative impact in effect. The whole system of better is not conducive to higher achievement or higher standards. It is simply a statement used to pushing someone to an achievement level beyond that which they are accomplishing at the moment. It can also used to persuade children into a different behavior, one other than the one they are displaying. You know, a BETTER way.

Lastly, it can also imply that someone is in a healthier state than previously noted. Such would be then case when stating someone is feeling better. As well as all of this rubbish, I might say that one is a better to imply a person who gambles. Well, I am going to take a gamble here and say that there has to be something BETTER  to write about! The Daily Post has definitely posed a challenge to me!


26 Apr

Gray can be a rather meaningful word. For some people, seeing the gray, and not just the black and white, find it rather challenging. But, I think the gray is a not-so-bad place to be. The gray can be the most difficult to master because it will mean one would have to overcome their idiosyncrasies. The all or nothing attitude would have to become obsolete in order to live in the gray.

For many, if you don’t do it my way, it’s the highway. That would be an example of the black and white. On the other hand if there are some type of agreements or compromises, you could say that person has the ability to see the gray. It’s the place where one might find that being right isn’t always the best way. Being okay to choose happiness versus being right is one of the main keys to a more serene way of life.

It might be said that not all people want to be happy and that being right is more important. My heart goes out to those people as I know first-hand that it feels much better to choose the opposite. Being not so right for the sake of happiness is always the answer for me. It is also rather amusing to me that I started off talking about the gray to come out at the other end expounding about happiness. That lovely gray!

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