Cinco de Mayo

It is the day after Cinco de Mayo, but the streets of St. Louis City are bustling with newcomers to Cherokee. It is the street of all things Mexican. You will find restaurants with the smells and delicacies of food permeating the nostrils. The atmosphere is one of gaiety and partying. There is a sense of commerce as people pull out their wallets to pay for their chosen festivities.

This is the first year that I have seen blocks on top of blocks populated beyond anything I would have imagined. People are pouring in from all kinds of different places to attend this yearly event. It has grown so quickly that I even felt the excitement in the air around my home. I live in this beautiful neighborhood called Gravois Park. I can, again, see the progression of life coming back to what was once a pretty torn up place. I am elated to witness this growth in one of the most famous cities in the country.

For us residents, we have seen a great amount of tragedy come to our little, but loving, neighborhood. We have fought the good fight on many levels. We watch our streets, call the police when necessary, and have had to keep a keen eye on what is happening around us. This brings me great pleasure to see so many newbies in my ‘hood’. Finally!People will see that this isn’t such a horrid place to live and function.

We have new businesses arising on a regular basis, now. There is a sense of productivity as the homes around us are coming back to life. We see the people coming to our neighborhood to have the city life experience and the excitement in the air has elevated all of our Spirits. It is a sight to see and such a joyous experience. I am, once again, happy to be in my neighborhood.

There are new businesses of every type. You will find amazing restaurants, clothing stores, music stores, hair salons, little eateries with organic-type food. There are, of course, the general stores to buy daily needs such as milk, food, or just baking soda. We have come back again and I feel it is in a stronger, more productive way than before. We also have great leadership that has brought a sense of accomplishment to us. She has brought hope and change, and it is really happening!

We are Gravois Park!


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