18 May

For some the precipice is the last stand they will ever imagine because they jump over the edge of the invisible line between life and death. Therein lies a flick of time that no one can know of until that fateful day arises. There is no explanation for the rhyme or reason to such a conclusion. However, to the one who stepped over the line, pure bliss, I would imagine.

We, as a people, have a deeply negative view of the person who finds themselves on that precipice and flips the lights out on this life. But, do we really know it to be such a negative event? Yes, for the people who are left to deal with the emotions of death, it surely is a powerfully moving event. In fact, it is devastating.

I have found my own way of dealing with that particular fact of life for some. My choice is to see it as another way of dying, instead of being so tragic. One may die from disease, a car wreck, old age, but the person who steps over on purpose, is considered a complete tragedy. I have thought of taking my own life a couple of times, but was convinced that I would just come back to do it all over again to learn what I didn’t the first time around. Obviously, I found that to be rather unattractive.

I believe we are to learn that death isn’t really what it appears to be. I believe it is meant to teach us that there is something far more grand than what we make it to be. I feel it is a true bliss of letting go of the human condition where we live with the anxieties of the world, hardships, negativity, and loss of the little self, to name a few. There is pure joy and happiness for us upon the reemergence into Pure Positive Energy. We are beyond the precipice,… and can sense its magnificence!


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