7 May

It is my personal opinion that the word better has a negative connotation. I believe it indicates that what one has done or is doing just doesn’t make the grade, so the thought of doing or being BETTER is attached to given activity. For instance, I could be a better writer, a better mother, a better worker, or many other various betters. I am more inclined to want to say that I am working on something, or even that I have decided I am great at what I am doing or being. We all know when we could improve on something. That is also another way of turning the word better into something more productive.

I have heard it stated that a person is “better than that”.  Or, another common statement would be that “I am better than that”.  Well, once again, that implies that the person isn’t doing very well being and doing whatever it is at the moment. I believe it could be agreed on that we could all improve in this or that, and that there are more productive ways for saying just that.

The common thread with any statement of being better, doing better, or mine being BETTER than yours, is that it has a negative impact in effect. The whole system of better is not conducive to higher achievement or higher standards. It is simply a statement used to pushing someone to an achievement level beyond that which they are accomplishing at the moment. It can also used to persuade children into a different behavior, one other than the one they are displaying. You know, a BETTER way.

Lastly, it can also imply that someone is in a healthier state than previously noted. Such would be then case when stating someone is feeling better. As well as all of this rubbish, I might say that one is a better to imply a person who gambles. Well, I am going to take a gamble here and say that there has to be something BETTER  to write about! The Daily Post has definitely posed a challenge to me!


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