It’s Only a Daydream

6 May

I am sitting in my kitchen after a full day with family. It was surprisingly wonderful and full of  delight and laughter. The kids, grown adults, were rather fun to be around and everyone was cracking jokes. They were of the family type of jokes and probably only made sense to us The evening was filled with intelligent conversation that stretched the realms of religion, spirituality, death, better ways of living, and  politics. It was quite the array of conversation.

As I sit here reflecting, my business has taken me to the computer to figure out where I would catapult to, in what space of time, and where I would like to visit. There is a slight swirling around my imagination in a place of pureness. I can see the light flashing by my being as my soul is drawn into the brilliant colors and sensations of the Other World. There is a sense of peacefulness that cannot be found Elsewhere. My body has lost its substance and the weight of the usual day-in and day-out has become obsolete, but not gone.

There are a multitude of colors covering every aspect of the artist’s palette. The white is too brilliant to see head-on. It is as blinding to the senses as if a deer was caught by the headlights of a car. The deep blue to the aqua, to a blue I’ve never experienced before. The feeling is so soft and easy. It feels like being in the clouds and floating on the waves of the ocean at the same time. This is true bliss.

The purity of the sound that I can feel in my inner ears has me spellbound. There are different occurring pitches that envelope the very core of my Being. I am in Ever After, where all things are perfect and pure. There is a sense of belonging to this huge collection of souls awaiting to absorb all that is brought to them. They are seeking my experience just as I am absorbing theirs. We are one and the union is that of pure love and adoration.

I know my time here is but for a minute but the eternality of the experience inclines me to not go back to Elsewhere. I have not finished that journey and the call is right behind me. It, too, is a feeling of wonderment and joy. I am equally moved in the vibration of the life I am accustomed to living. The comfort of the warm and inviting home I reside in is beckoning me forth. The human relations I fill my time, thoughts, and words with are awaiting my return. The are eager to hear of my story of Ever After.

A sense of awe has overtaken me as I return to life as I know it to be.  I have found the fountain of youth and received my dose of Pure Positive Energy. I have a greater understanding of All That Is and know that I am exactly where I need to be. I was meant for this journey and it fits me perfectly.

As I make my return to the human body I live in, I realize I am back to life as I know it. I feel the sensations of love and pureness in my heart. The warmth of my home, the smells of food being cooked, the stimulation of taste in my mouth, the sounds in the air also permeate my being here. They are, of course, of a different nature. They are no less powerful in the Other World. So, maybe I just came from Elsewhere instead of Here After.


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