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What You Think About, You Bring About

5 Apr


What we think is what we become. It doesn’t matter if we live in a world of negativity or if we have never-ending positive thoughts. Whatever those thoughts are will eventually manifest into our daily lives. So, take a serious look around yourself and you will see exactly how you think. If what you find is something enjoyable and brings happiness, then my hat is off to you. You have managed to master a big secret that doesn’t always come so easy for others, including myself. I have done just that. I have looked around and didn’t like what I saw, so I have been on a mission to change the way I think and feel about things. I have chosen this because I want to bring good things to myself and those around me. I have been on this ‘mission’ for over six months. A really wonderful thing happened last week. I had been thinking about receiving presents, just to see if this stuff really works. Well, I’ll be darned if my niece had put together a present for me and texted me that she had. A couple of days later she brought me a present! It was so cool to have someone just, out of the clear blue, think of me. What she gave me was a picture of my three kids and myself in a frame that says “Family” across the top. It was really amazing because she took the picture off of Facebook and then she printed it. I thought that was such a fun present. I can also attest that learning to change yourself and your thinking does do amazing things. I no longer wake up dreading the day. I actually look forward to the morning. What a great feeling that is. I also feel like there is a true future in front of me versus this empty kind of nothing I had normally felt. I am still at the beginning of learning new and wonderful things but feel very grateful for having found the things I read for making those changes. I thank God, the Universe, the Light for bringing me to a better place of thought and I thank myself for putting in the time for making these changes.

about me & why I am here!

5 Apr

Well, that is a loaded subject,…who I am. Honestly, I have been many things in my lifetime. I am a mother of three children, a sister, daughter, a teacher and friend. I think you get the point. I have been a motorcycle enthusiast, a Golden Glove boxer, rock climber, artist, pipefitter and welder. I am also a rehabber, a gardener, kayaker and sailor. Lastly, I am an amazing cook and gardener.  I have covered the most of it, I believe.

Those are the things I have done in life, which doesn’t answer the real question of who I am. I am a spiritual being working through the life experience. I meditate almost every day, but not perfectly. I am amidst a career change, or probably just quitting my old job of pipefitting and welding to pursue other interesting things. I decided at 52, I better get on it.

I am a tenacious woman changing her stars to live the rest of my life doing what I want. I have concluded that there is no better time than the present to pursue new dreams and aspirations. I am devoted to my Higher Self in that I am honoring me and my dreams of getting the most out of life while I am here. I am devoted to my development and I believe that requires me stepping out of my comfort zone.

In light of those statements, I have decided to travel, blog, and photograph the experience and share it with whoever wants to join me. I have lived a great deal of life in the short years I have been here and figured that I could offer perspective to those who need or want a taste of my flair for thinking. I believe that sometimes people need a good listener with objectivity and I am that gal!

I just read about tags and I am still unsure of what one I would use and how to implement it into my blog.

life advice?


career changing

4 Apr
career CHANGE!

I have been a construction worker for more than 23 years. I have come to a place in my life that I wanted something more. I was unable to expand in my career with the exception of moving from apprentice to journeyman. (or journeywoman, if you will) I had decided I wanted to be in a new career by time I was 50 which has long passed me by. Long passed is relative, really, as I am only 52 now. But, needless to say, the change needed to happen for several reasons.

As we all know, working in the man’s world can be quite challenging. The fact, for me, has been that I have been stuck for a very long time. I have been a journeyman for about 18 years. The option to run work, which is being a foreman, general foreman, or even superintendent, has not been an option for me in my industry. My world is very much governed by the oldest system we have, I believe. Women are not placed in the positions of authority, for one reason or another. I really don’t know those reasons. Of course, I could speculate about those reasons, but none would really enable me to make my point any better.

So, I came to the conclusion a long time ago and with a lot of kicking and screaming that I needed to have more control in my life relative to work. I also needed to be appreciated more and to have the ability to expand. Finally, after many years, I realized it wasn’t going to happen on the job. I came to the realization that I would have to create that for myself. I searched and searched for some type of ‘J-O-B’ that I could turn to in order to expand on my desires. I ALWAYS came up with the same results. NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING!

I just decided to move on! The first place I started was to stop allowing going back to be an option. Believe me, when there aren’t proper funds in the kitty, bills still coming in, and the uncertainty is certainly scary, at best. I had a lot of mind work to do on myself so I could accomplish the move and successfully realize the things I want in my life. The process can be longer than not, but to arrive at the stopping the chaos point, so to speak, will require change. I came to the place that I knew I had to change the way I think.

When I was younger my father told me that if I had lemons, I should make lemonade. I looked around at my circumstances and thought, “ok! here are my lemons. Now, I must make lemonade.” I own a house, a vehicle, and a bunch of stuff that I can sell to accommodate some things. The main thing is that I changed the way I was looking at my situation and my situation changed. The changing afforded me the ability to see the picture differently.

I took my rather expensive car and traded it in on something more manageable. It saved my $60 per month via insurance and payment and it’s a car known not to have a crap ton of problems. I began doing upgrades to my home, such as painting, new blinds, and some other things to enhance the selling of it. I do not owe a ton on it and can make enough from it to carry me for a while if that is necessary to realizing a new life. I started posting things online to sell to pay the bills I currently have. These are my lemons and I am making lemonade. Thanks, Dad!

I am now on a new journey into a much more fulfilling and lovely life. I am at the beginning of that journey and will keep you posted. My new career, I decided, would be a traveling writer. The blogging business is brand new to me. So is the traveling. I will also be doing photography to add a bit of flair to my life. I have loved photography for decades. I was always trying to figure out how to afford it. Not worried about that anymore. The technology age has afforded it for me.

I look forward to keeping anyone interested updated on my new adventure. Stay tuned!!!

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