Self Responsibility

5 Apr

You know, we all make choices in life and with those choices come responsibility. And, just because we make a decision about this or that does not mean we can expect everyone around us to participate in those choices. So, it would be my belief that it is imperative to be fully aware of the decisions and the consequences of those decisions, realizing that it is our own and not the responsibility of others to rectify or accommodate those things we opted for. And, when others don’t follow what we WANT doesn’t make them the bad guy. It only means those choices should be owned by the one who made them. It also doesn’t mean they are no longer our friend. It does mean that when making a decision it is imperative to know as best we can the long term ramifications of that decision. We must also know that others have to make their own choices and that we won’t always be on board to suffer their poor choices, either. So, when confronted on either account of two sides of the coin, don’t allow guilt make you do what you don’t want to do. And, we must always remember that our choices are our own responsibility.


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