Puppy Love

5 Apr

Puppy Love

I just looked over at my two pekignese and noticed them laying next to each other snuggled up. It was so precious. Their names are Ruby and Riley and they are brother and sister. Riley is a chocolate brown and white. He has big dark brown eyes and his face has a dark brown velvet look to it. His eyes are rather big for the size of his body. He is loving and easy-going. Ruby is a red and white color. She is a bundle of energy and also has eyes too big for her body. She is very funny and not as loving as her brother. She is a more stand-off kind of dog. Upon walking up to either dogs they will roll on their back expecting a belly rub. And, anytime Ruby sees that I have food, she is at my heals expecting her fair share. Lastly, and rather precious, is when Girl, the Akita, is laying around, Ruby and Riley will go over to her and love on her by licking her face and trying to lick in her ears. Girl isn’t always up for that, though.
Anyway, what I started out thinking about was the love these two dogs were showing each other when I looked over at them. I just thought if people were more inclined to give to one another in the same way that it would be a wonderful thing. It would make being alive just a little more easier knowing that this simple love is alive. People wouldn’t have to have their guards up so much. Playing and running around with each other would be the exercise for the day as it is for Ruby and Riley. Kissing each other just to show the love and rolling around then landing on their┬áback to get a hug. What a day that would be. Once tiring of all this activity, simply picking a spot on the floor to doze off and dream of puppy things. That would be so nice, wouldn’t it?

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