about me & why I am here!

5 Apr

Well, that is a loaded subject,…who I am. Honestly, I have been many things in my lifetime. I am a mother of three children, a sister, daughter, a teacher and friend. I think you get the point. I have been a motorcycle enthusiast, a Golden Glove boxer, rock climber, artist, pipefitter and welder. I am also a rehabber, a gardener, kayaker and sailor. Lastly, I am an amazing cook and gardener.  I have covered the most of it, I believe.

Those are the things I have done in life, which doesn’t answer the real question of who I am. I am a spiritual being working through the life experience. I meditate almost every day, but not perfectly. I am amidst a career change, or probably just quitting my old job of pipefitting and welding to pursue other interesting things. I decided at 52, I better get on it.

I am a tenacious woman changing her stars to live the rest of my life doing what I want. I have concluded that there is no better time than the present to pursue new dreams and aspirations. I am devoted to my Higher Self in that I am honoring me and my dreams of getting the most out of life while I am here. I am devoted to my development and I believe that requires me stepping out of my comfort zone.

In light of those statements, I have decided to travel, blog, and photograph the experience and share it with whoever wants to join me. I have lived a great deal of life in the short years I have been here and figured that I could offer perspective to those who need or want a taste of my flair for thinking. I believe that sometimes people need a good listener with objectivity and I am that gal!

I just read about tags and I am still unsure of what one I would use and how to implement it into my blog.

life advice?



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